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Women and Health Care Reform

Women and Health Care Reform (WHCR) is a multi-disciplinary working group, housed at NNEWH, who investigate and advise on the effects of health care reforms on women as providers, decisions makers and users of health care systems. Women are the majority of health care receivers and health care providers in Canada. Approximately 80% of paid health care workers are women and women provide most of the unpaid health care within the home. Through health care reforms over the past two decades, Federal and provincial governments introduced major changes to the health care system. These health care reforms have a significant impact on women as patients, health care providers, and family caregivers as these reforms affect women’s health, work and financial well-being. Women and Health Care Reform has worked for 13 years to illuminate the ways in which health systems, systemic change and health care reforms affect women as recipients and providers of care, through original research and analysis. Please visit their website buy for more information on WHCR and their work.

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