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Water and Health

Water is a central element of our environment and its responsible management is critical to Canada’s progress towards sustainability. The gender perspective is largely absent from research on water quality and policy development in Canada. The majority of work on women and water comes from international development studies and very few studies focus on women and water in developed countries. NNEWH continues to contribute to discussions around Canadian water policy through water-related research that affects women and their health. While research on the sex and gendered health effects from contaminants in drinking water are limited, research shows that the susceptibility, absorption and toxicity of chemical contaminants differ significantly between women and men. Further, the quality and accessibility of our drinking water has important public health implications, particularly for women as women are the majority of water providers for their families and are responsible for obtaining safe drinking water for their households. Women also often do the budgeting for the household uses for water such as drinking, food preparation, farm maintenance, cleaning and laundry. This means women suffer more when water quality is compromised and/or when water is commercialized, emphasizing private sector norms which center on profit- making and maximized efficiency. Please visit www.womenandwater.ca for more information on NNEWH’s work on water and women’s health.

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